Photo of Louis in Neo-Nazi shirt

Found this completely by accident, but Louis Rosenberg was recently spotted on a meme in Facebook.  Here he is shown wearing a Nazi shirt in broad daylight.  No government agency will hire a neo nazi.  That’s why he will never be a police officer or a medic nor serve in any military (that plus he’s old and out of shape).  Keep playing dressup in your little Rambo costume, Louis.


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Louis has gone full mental

This is pretty amusing.  Louis is now going to every single video about him on YouTube and making about 50 posts each.  His new account is Liz Block.  He claims Liz is not Louis but he accidentally posted as Hyena Hunter on a reply and forgot to delete it.  (update: apparently Liz Block is a real person: convicted felon and store owner Elizabeth Duerte) He then claims he has a “Superior Officer.”  You’d have to be in the military to have any sort of superior officer, wouldn’t you?  Of course Louis isn’t and never was part of any real military or police force.  You can find the video RIGHT HERE but also pretty much any of the videos on FL45’s account has Louis stalking like a madman.

Claims is not Louis.  Uses the odd phrase “feeling froggish, then leap” thing again.  Not sure what that means, but he’s used it before.  Ribbit, ribbit!

PS, I took the day off, as you can see.  I had a comfortable and relaxing day.  I’m obviously not worried about this crackhead Louis and his stupid threats.  The SWAT team hasn’t busted my door and the PBSO doesn’t have a file on me.  He’s repeatedly left threatening messages on my phone and harassed me and he knows where I live.  If he ever wants to talk he knows where to find me… That is if he’s man enough.  Still waiting, four years later.

Louis Rosenberg trolling YouTube again

Don’t feel like writing up about this jobless loser again, but he’s back on youtube and sustaining himself off his dead father’s money (that he probably suffocated with a pillow).  He seems to be active on this video’s comments section, under the name “Hyena Hunter“.

Also claiming Stolen Valor and saying he was a Marine.  Nothing new.



I can tell you right now, none of this will ever come down.  Every time you mention my name, I will become more empowered and I will double my efforts to expose your lies, stolen valor, and criminal activities.  I’ve told you how you can make me stop this.  I stopped from January to September.  You were well, but now you’re sick again and there’s work to do.

Also, comments section is reviewed by Google Administrators, not by me.  Cursing and racist comments get automatically flagged for deletion by Google and sent to the junk mail which is automatically deleted after five days.  I only log on here once a month so most of them get deleted without me ever seeing them.  But some of them I do see – and all I see are a hateful, angry old valor thief.

God bless America.

Also good for a laugh: OH NOES HES FOUND A GRAINY OLD PHOTO OF ME. It’s bloody game over now!!  I don’t know who those other two good-looking men are though.

New Video + Louis sleeping on the job

Louis has been in hiding for the past year, so it’s been quiet, and there hasn’t been anything new.  His facebook friends inform me he is still talking about opening a gun business, but I doubt he can recover from all the negative complaints against him. Here’s another customer who was ripped off by crazy Louis Rosenberg AKA Blackdevil Firearms.

Also, Susan sent me this amusing Facebook post of Louis bragging about sleeping on the job.

18aug2016 - sleeping on the job

I work in the blackness. Im called the GHOST, csuse i go places, in very high risk areas, that others are afraid of. I use the darkness to my advantage.

Translation:  I work the nightshift so I can sleep on the job.  My co-workers call me ghost because I’m never around when they need me.  Everyone else is too embarrassed to work as a mall security guard.

18aug2016 - louis after a nap - 13901439_10209281316043776_1065653003575417415_n
Louis Rosenberg after being caught napping in the parking lot during mall patrol duty.

More December threats

I hope everyone had a good holiday week!  More racist threats Louis, nothing to see here!

Louis just revealed himself (again) to be a racist in addition to being misogynist and bigot.  He’s created several new email accounts for the sole purpose of harassing people online.  These include, and

22dec2015 - louis spam fest 2
This guy has issues.


22dec2015 - louis spam fest 1
I asked him this question numerous times and he has yet to respond. Instead, he replies with childish name calling and bigoted remarks.


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16December – Threat and more drugs

I almost forgot about this blog the whole month of November, that was until Louis started texting threats again.  He just doesn’t know when to quit.  Here is more proof of Louis’s cocaine addiction and another threat directed at me.  I don’t even weigh 300 lbs and I scored an excellent on my Physical Fitness Test, thank you very much!

16dec2015 - louis fairy dust

Oh, John Paul “JP” Soucy liked this post!

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Louis’s Anti-Cop crusade

Louis likes to pretend he’s buddy-buddy with the police and that he has friends in high places in the police department.  He’ll even threaten to have people “SWAT’d” on the internet if he doesn’t like them.  He likes to take selfies of himself in police outfits (along with wearing soldier’s uniforms).  The real truth is the REAL police want nothing to do with this bipolar, keyboard commando.  He claims he supports police but then continues to post anti-police hatred on his Facebook page and google plus page.

He’s just mad he failed out of Police Academy
Yes, that really is four D-Cell maglights rigged to an AR.  Is Louis Rosenberg the original Gecko45?

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