Louis and (and his lack of knowledge of) Mosin Nagants

So this whole ordeal started (mostly) because Louis ripped off a customer by welding a steel plate on one of his customer’s barrels and rendering it unsafe to shoot.  This blog probably would not exist if this incident never occurred.  The fact that to this day Louis still vehemently denies ruining this rifle is reason enough that Louis should never touch a firearm, let alone run a business or FFL.

Exhibit A

This is the Mosin Nagant he ruined.  He claimed it had a “hole” in it that went into the bore.  To anyone who doesn’t know about Mosin Nagants, the rear sight block is pressed onto the barrel and has a crosspin driven through it to hold it in place.  He mistook the crosspin hole for something that went through the bore, but in actuality there is a lot of steel between the crosspin and the barrel bore.

Rosenberg claims he never heard of a Mosin Nagant before working on Ed’s rifle, which would explain why he didn’t understand the concept of the crosspin hole.  In this video, created by Louis, he makes up a lot of lies and can’t keep his story straight.  He claims that there was a hole, then he claims that the plate was already there when he removed the rear sight.  Towards the end at 27:24, he even proclaims “this is my story, if I need to I will make up another one.”  That alone is pretty telling of what lengths this man goes through to keep making up lies.

Exhibit B

Another ridiculous claim by Louis is that he saved Ed’s life by welding a plate, and that shooting corrosive ammo and being stored for 25 years will cause the barrel to rust completely through.  Corrosive ammo will NOT eat through a quarter inch of steel.

Exhibit C

Finally, on September 30, 2014, Louis makes a post and series of comments proving that he has absolutely no clue about anything.  He removed the rear sight and claims to see into the bore.  Again, what he is actually seeing is the two holes for the pins.

This is doesn’t go into the bore.
Rosenberg trolling with multiple accounts again.