New Video + Louis sleeping on the job

Louis has been in hiding for the past year, so it’s been quiet, and there hasn’t been anything new.  His facebook friends inform me he is still talking about opening a gun business, but I doubt he can recover from all the negative complaints against him. Here’s another customer who was ripped off by crazy Louis Rosenberg AKA Blackdevil Firearms.

Also, Susan sent me this amusing Facebook post of Louis bragging about sleeping on the job.

18aug2016 - sleeping on the job

I work in the blackness. Im called the GHOST, csuse i go places, in very high risk areas, that others are afraid of. I use the darkness to my advantage.

Translation:  I work the nightshift so I can sleep on the job.  My co-workers call me ghost because I’m never around when they need me.  Everyone else is too embarrassed to work as a mall security guard.

18aug2016 - louis after a nap - 13901439_10209281316043776_1065653003575417415_n
Louis Rosenberg after being caught napping in the parking lot during mall patrol duty.

Louis – "Dangerous Work" and Stolen Valor

Louis claims to be a professional who “works in dangerous environments”, but is any of this actually true?

Beginner shooters tend to lean back.

For someone who claims to be a Navy SEAL operator and expert in firearms he seems to handle weapons in a very amateurish fashion.  The most prominent example of this is how he tends to lean back and has a terrible flinch when shooting his pistols.  I admit, I lean back too and flinch, but I don’t claim to be a Navy SEAL or work with guns in my day job.  He also seems to have very poor trigger discipline for someone who was supposedly in the military.  In most of his shooting videos, he displays this poor trigger discipline prominently.  In his latest shooting video he actually corrected this, but is still doing the “first-timer’s” lean.  He’s even admitted to shooting a hole through his vehicle’s windshield.


 Additionally he doesn’t seem to wear hearing or eye protection most of the time.  Maybe that explains why he’s always yelling in all capital letters whenever he types.  Or maybe he thinks he’s too cool for eye and ear protection?

You’re proud of that hole, Louis?

 Either way, these images are pretty telling of his poor firearm handling abilities.  Look at the photos at the bottom of this post.  He shot himself in the leg and grazed himself with his Glock from careless quick-draw drills from a cross-draw holster.  He tries to play it off and say that he was shot in the leg in Lebanon or that he works in a dangerous environment.  But it’s pretty evident that they were self-inflicted.  Even firearms expert James Yeager supports this theory.

Just watch this video.  It shows the leg wound Louis received when he was playing with an AK47.

What is even more infuriating is that in the video he states that the men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan”thinks it’s cool to get shot at,” – as if Louis were actually a combat veteran himself and that what the UStroops went through was “NOTHING.”  It’s despicable enough to lie about military service, but then to have him call out OUR troops and tell them they did NOTHING pisses me off.

Louis – there is a special hell awaiting you.

Additional photos:

Self-inflicted graze wound from cross-draw holster.

7.62×39 self-inflicted.

What a ClownShoe

This guy is the biggest poser I’ve ever seen.  Not only does he lie about military service, he stood by a bar fight and did nothing while filming it.  This guy is supposed to be working security.

Clown dressed in black.

He works for this company, btw and doesn’t have flattering things to say about them. Cool music, btw, very tactical!

Click to enlarge.