(Updated) Louis involved in another lawsuit

Post updated June 18

Unless Louis breaks his terms of parole, I probably won’t be updating this website anymore, but it will still stay up.  Everything that needs to be said about Louis has been said, and he won’t be opening another gunshop or working for any gunsmiths anytime soon.  I’m still subscribed to everyone on YouTube, so I’ll be sure to link any videos about Louis’s ripoffs in the future.

Louis stole money from an ex-girlfriend and used it to buy himself more guns, now involved in a lawsuit.



ZombieMasterEd’s Update:

Apparantly this Crazy Liz Block / Duarte, or whatever she calls herself now, might be faking the lawsuit for some odd reason on behalf of Louis. If there is a real case, it would be publicly available, but I don’t live in Florida anymore so I can’t do any digging. Louis has been known for scamming and writing bad checks using his father’s checkbook, as seen here, so who knows what’s going on anymore.


Elizabeth Duarte and Louis

Louis is known to impersonate police officers and create fake accounts.  Sometimes in his fits of mental instability he forgets to switch accounts and uses his same troll account to pretend that he’s a buddy of his (see image below).  That is why I assumed this Liz Block was fake.

Apparently the crazy, old cat-lady calling herself “Suzie Q” is actually a real person and also a convicted felon named Elizabeth Duarte.  Prison name: “Crazy Liz Block.”  She’s a con-artist who operates a used furniture store, appropriately called Crazy Liz’s Office Furniture and she is a vulgar old lady.  She’s been in and out of prison for various crimes – including a recent misdemeanor, but her daddy posted bail for her.  Here is her Yelp business page.  Liz and Lou seem to mostly be posting in the comments section of this video for some reason.

11march2017 - vulgar louis again
Note the last post: DURR, OOPS you forgot to change your account when you were pretending to a buddy of Louis’s!
9mar2017 - liz trannies
“I’m getting a boner just think about it.”  LOL what?  It seems they’re at their breaking point, resorting to childish name calling and typing in all caps.  LOL.


In other news Louis finally gave me a shout-out in this phone call!! Thanks, Lou – Be sure to tell the rest of your cellmates about my wonderful website!!  If you want people to get in touch with me then it is best you give them my contact information.  If these “detectives” are smart, they must have my contact information, right?

Remember this all started with Louis welding a bore obstruction on a Mosin Nagant and him threatening people on YouTube for discussing his crappy gunsmithing business.  I’ve given you many chances to redeem yourself, Louis, but this website is here to stay.  You can keep spray painting the same Glock over and over again and continue posting pictures of it, but your reputation is ruined among the gun community and we will never let you work in the gun industry ever again.

Comments will be open for 18 days before automatically closing.  I won’t be reading them until much later because I have work to do.  Thanks for looking, and stay safe!
11mar2017 - hello scott
Is that all you got – a grainy, 15 year old photograph? You’ve got nothing. Please make that video for me you clown, I need a good laugh.

BONUS VIDEO: Louis Rosenberg stolen valor profile.

New Video + Louis sleeping on the job

Louis has been in hiding for the past year, so it’s been quiet, and there hasn’t been anything new.  His facebook friends inform me he is still talking about opening a gun business, but I doubt he can recover from all the negative complaints against him. Here’s another customer who was ripped off by crazy Louis Rosenberg AKA Blackdevil Firearms.

Also, Susan sent me this amusing Facebook post of Louis bragging about sleeping on the job.

18aug2016 - sleeping on the job

I work in the blackness. Im called the GHOST, csuse i go places, in very high risk areas, that others are afraid of. I use the darkness to my advantage.

Translation:  I work the nightshift so I can sleep on the job.  My co-workers call me ghost because I’m never around when they need me.  Everyone else is too embarrassed to work as a mall security guard.

18aug2016 - louis after a nap - 13901439_10209281316043776_1065653003575417415_n
Louis Rosenberg after being caught napping in the parking lot during mall patrol duty.

Louis claims to be a EMT, Marine, SEAL, COP, Soldier, et c…

This is a response to Louis trolling and harassing people on Google Plus again.  He invited me over to his house in one post, then hours later told me to stay away from his house.  First this guy acts tough and wants to fight me and now he’s afraid.  I don’t know what this bipolar nutjob wants.  Why do you keep telling me to stay away from your family?  I don’t have beef with them and never had anything to do with them.  I’m pretty sure your wife wants nothing to do with you, however.

This guy wants more.

Louis asks me how do I explain the uniform and m1919?  The answer is simple: you can buy the uniform from surplus stores or from ebay.  Over at www.1919a4.com law-abiding citizens build semi-auto m1919s all the time.  And Louis said that he’s a class 3 firearms owner, so it’s possible he could have bought a real 1919a4 using his dead father’s inheritance money (his primary source of income).  So see, anyone can buy an Israeli soldier costume and pose with a fake machinegun (or a real machinegun).

Anyways, Louis claims he was an Emergency Medical Technician/medic.  He’s never served in the army, so he couldn’t have been a medic.  Here is one of Louis’s close friends, Johnpaul Soucy, another mallcop friend of Lou’s who had never seen a day of basic training in his life.  Here they talk about a foot injury and Louis chimes in with his 2 cents (read about 3/4 the way down to see his stupid comment).

Louis: I was an EMT… in my mind.

He states “I’m an EMT just didn’t do Medic school.”  Seriously?  If you didn’t get certified then you are NOT an EMT!  I don’t care if you attended some bullshit first aid course in the boyscouts or some crazy militia group, that doesn’t make you an EMT.  This is one of several incidents he’s claimed to be an EMT.  In one of Louis’s videos about harassing ZombieMasterEd25’s doctor, he mentions he was an EMT.  If you go to the National Registry of EMT you’ll see that Louis had never gone to an accredited EMT school.  I have to wonder if Louis even knows what an EMT is.

Why does this clown have so much shit attached to his gun? Not even SEALs have anything that ridiculous.
Why do you keep putting SEALs on your facebook banner?  You’re not a SEAL, not a soldier, not a cop, not an EMT, not a certified duracoater, not ANYTHING.
Note the unauthorized use of Marine Corps Logo.

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Someone impersonating Louis??

Still no news from Louis Rosenberg.  That’s a good thing and hopefully it stays that way.  In other news, there is a troll or some third party trying to interfere with this whole ‘Ed vs Louis’ drama.  Someone named GlockMaster666 is impersonating Louis Rosenberg and harassing Ed.  His Youtube account has already been reported and banned but his Google Plus page is still up.  I honestly don’t believe it’s Louis Rosenberg, though GlockMaster666 does a good job at capturing Louis’s crazy side.  This imposter is typing in all caps and just repeating lines that the real Louis has used in the past.  I don’t know who is doing it, but the best thing you can do is add him to your blocklist on both YouTube and Google Plus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Louis and I still think he is an unstable crackhead who lied about fighting in a war or being in the military.

In other news:  Any damned fool like Louis can be an unlicensed ‘gaurd’ and civilians are getting hurt or killed because of irresponsible people like Louis.

 They carry a gun, often wear a badge and might look like police officers.  But armed security guards, on patrol at all hours throughout the United States, have lax training standards and haphazard oversight.

While a manicurist in California must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed, an armed guard gets authorized after 54 hours, including just 14 hours of firearms training.

Help fund Ed to fight Louis Rosenberg

Ed posted this video and a link to his GoFundMe page to help fund lawyers to fight his stalker Louis Rosenberg in court. If you could help donate any amount that would be awesome! http://www.gofundme.com/m5wb3g

Shortly after the above was posted, Louis Rosenberg quickly deleted his Google Plus page and YouTube Channel.  Looks like Louis Rosenberg is running scared once again, just like he ran from the fight at the nightclub!