(Updated) Louis involved in another lawsuit

Post updated June 18

Unless Louis breaks his terms of parole, I probably won’t be updating this website anymore, but it will still stay up.  Everything that needs to be said about Louis has been said, and he won’t be opening another gunshop or working for any gunsmiths anytime soon.  I’m still subscribed to everyone on YouTube, so I’ll be sure to link any videos about Louis’s ripoffs in the future.

Louis stole money from an ex-girlfriend and used it to buy himself more guns, now involved in a lawsuit.



ZombieMasterEd’s Update:

Apparantly this Crazy Liz Block / Duarte, or whatever she calls herself now, might be faking the lawsuit for some odd reason on behalf of Louis. If there is a real case, it would be publicly available, but I don’t live in Florida anymore so I can’t do any digging. Louis has been known for scamming and writing bad checks using his father’s checkbook, as seen here, so who knows what’s going on anymore.


Louis Rosenberg: Stolen Valor, Part II

So far Louis Rosenberg has claimed multiple times to be a Navy seal, a cop, a blackbelt martial arts instructor, a certified Duracoater, an “Enforcement Officer”, and an emergency medical technician.  All of these are lies.  Even more times he claimed to be in the Israeli army.  But there is a lot of inconsistency in these claims.  Just see this timeline for yourself.

Timeline of Events (according to Louis Rosenberg himself)

1966: Brooklyn, New York – April 24, Date of birth.
1982-1983: Massachusetts – Posts pictures of himself in Becket, MA.
1983: Lebanon – Claims he was injured and also posed for picture in a costume wielding a Browning .50 cal.
1984: New York – Graduated High School (presumably – though his inability to compose basic sentences calls this into question).  Though he did mention he went to highschool in NewYork.
1984: Lebanon – Allegedly was in Lebanon again.
1985: Massachusetts –  Received Firearm Owner’s ID
1985: Israel – Allegedly in Israel again.  Appears to be taken same date as the 1983 picture.
1986-1987: Israel – Allegedly in Israel again.  Same picture from 1983.
1989: Israel – Allegedly moved to Tel Aviv.

There’s a lot of inconsistency here.  This guy claims to have been in the Middle East in 1983, watched minefields for 8 months, and was injured that year.  According to the Israeli Defense Force website, training can take anywhere from 1-7 months.  School would have ended in May or June – April at the extreme earliest.  Then, somehow, he travelled back to the US and found time to study and graduate in 1984 after missing a whole junior year of highschool education.  Then he went back to Israel.  Then he got his FOID in the US in 1985.

While it is possible that he could have mis-remembered the dates and that he could have graduated highschool in 1984, then went to the Middle East after that and got his FOID in absentia, it still doesn’t add up.  Who actually forgets how old they were when they went through a life-changing event such as going to bootcamp or visiting a home country or getting shot at?  A liar, that’s who.

Louis Rosenberg is a pathological liar – see part one of “Stolen Valor” here.  Here are some screenshots of supporting evidence of his inconsistency.

States he was 17.  Which would be 1983


Same picture 1986 or 1987?  Or 1983?
…Or was it 1985?
The same picture again.  “8 months watching minefields.”


Louis publicizing his FOID.
Picture from same photoshoot, this time claiming 1984.

Massachusetts 1983, presumably summer or fall.

Louis – "Dangerous Work" and Stolen Valor

Louis claims to be a professional who “works in dangerous environments”, but is any of this actually true?

Beginner shooters tend to lean back.

For someone who claims to be a Navy SEAL operator and expert in firearms he seems to handle weapons in a very amateurish fashion.  The most prominent example of this is how he tends to lean back and has a terrible flinch when shooting his pistols.  I admit, I lean back too and flinch, but I don’t claim to be a Navy SEAL or work with guns in my day job.  He also seems to have very poor trigger discipline for someone who was supposedly in the military.  In most of his shooting videos, he displays this poor trigger discipline prominently.  In his latest shooting video he actually corrected this, but is still doing the “first-timer’s” lean.  He’s even admitted to shooting a hole through his vehicle’s windshield.


 Additionally he doesn’t seem to wear hearing or eye protection most of the time.  Maybe that explains why he’s always yelling in all capital letters whenever he types.  Or maybe he thinks he’s too cool for eye and ear protection?

You’re proud of that hole, Louis?

 Either way, these images are pretty telling of his poor firearm handling abilities.  Look at the photos at the bottom of this post.  He shot himself in the leg and grazed himself with his Glock from careless quick-draw drills from a cross-draw holster.  He tries to play it off and say that he was shot in the leg in Lebanon or that he works in a dangerous environment.  But it’s pretty evident that they were self-inflicted.  Even firearms expert James Yeager supports this theory.

Just watch this video.  It shows the leg wound Louis received when he was playing with an AK47.

What is even more infuriating is that in the video he states that the men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan”thinks it’s cool to get shot at,” – as if Louis were actually a combat veteran himself and that what the UStroops went through was “NOTHING.”  It’s despicable enough to lie about military service, but then to have him call out OUR troops and tell them they did NOTHING pisses me off.

Louis – there is a special hell awaiting you.

Additional photos:

Self-inflicted graze wound from cross-draw holster.

7.62×39 self-inflicted.

Louis and (and his lack of knowledge of) Mosin Nagants

So this whole ordeal started (mostly) because Louis ripped off a customer by welding a steel plate on one of his customer’s barrels and rendering it unsafe to shoot.  This blog probably would not exist if this incident never occurred.  The fact that to this day Louis still vehemently denies ruining this rifle is reason enough that Louis should never touch a firearm, let alone run a business or FFL.

Exhibit A

This is the Mosin Nagant he ruined.  He claimed it had a “hole” in it that went into the bore.  To anyone who doesn’t know about Mosin Nagants, the rear sight block is pressed onto the barrel and has a crosspin driven through it to hold it in place.  He mistook the crosspin hole for something that went through the bore, but in actuality there is a lot of steel between the crosspin and the barrel bore.

Rosenberg claims he never heard of a Mosin Nagant before working on Ed’s rifle, which would explain why he didn’t understand the concept of the crosspin hole.  In this video, created by Louis, he makes up a lot of lies and can’t keep his story straight.  He claims that there was a hole, then he claims that the plate was already there when he removed the rear sight.  Towards the end at 27:24, he even proclaims “this is my story, if I need to I will make up another one.”  That alone is pretty telling of what lengths this man goes through to keep making up lies.

Exhibit B

Another ridiculous claim by Louis is that he saved Ed’s life by welding a plate, and that shooting corrosive ammo and being stored for 25 years will cause the barrel to rust completely through.  Corrosive ammo will NOT eat through a quarter inch of steel.

Exhibit C

Finally, on September 30, 2014, Louis makes a post and series of comments proving that he has absolutely no clue about anything.  He removed the rear sight and claims to see into the bore.  Again, what he is actually seeing is the two holes for the pins.

This is doesn’t go into the bore.
Rosenberg trolling with multiple accounts again.