Louis claims to be a EMT, Marine, SEAL, COP, Soldier, et c…

This is a response to Louis trolling and harassing people on Google Plus again.  He invited me over to his house in one post, then hours later told me to stay away from his house.  First this guy acts tough and wants to fight me and now he’s afraid.  I don’t know what this bipolar nutjob wants.  Why do you keep telling me to stay away from your family?  I don’t have beef with them and never had anything to do with them.  I’m pretty sure your wife wants nothing to do with you, however.

This guy wants more.

Louis asks me how do I explain the uniform and m1919?  The answer is simple: you can buy the uniform from surplus stores or from ebay.  Over at www.1919a4.com law-abiding citizens build semi-auto m1919s all the time.  And Louis said that he’s a class 3 firearms owner, so it’s possible he could have bought a real 1919a4 using his dead father’s inheritance money (his primary source of income).  So see, anyone can buy an Israeli soldier costume and pose with a fake machinegun (or a real machinegun).

Anyways, Louis claims he was an Emergency Medical Technician/medic.  He’s never served in the army, so he couldn’t have been a medic.  Here is one of Louis’s close friends, Johnpaul Soucy, another mallcop friend of Lou’s who had never seen a day of basic training in his life.  Here they talk about a foot injury and Louis chimes in with his 2 cents (read about 3/4 the way down to see his stupid comment).

Louis: I was an EMT… in my mind.

He states “I’m an EMT just didn’t do Medic school.”  Seriously?  If you didn’t get certified then you are NOT an EMT!  I don’t care if you attended some bullshit first aid course in the boyscouts or some crazy militia group, that doesn’t make you an EMT.  This is one of several incidents he’s claimed to be an EMT.  In one of Louis’s videos about harassing ZombieMasterEd25’s doctor, he mentions he was an EMT.  If you go to the National Registry of EMT you’ll see that Louis had never gone to an accredited EMT school.  I have to wonder if Louis even knows what an EMT is.

Why does this clown have so much shit attached to his gun? Not even SEALs have anything that ridiculous.
Why do you keep putting SEALs on your facebook banner?  You’re not a SEAL, not a soldier, not a cop, not an EMT, not a certified duracoater, not ANYTHING.
Note the unauthorized use of Marine Corps Logo.

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