Elizabeth Duarte and Louis

Louis is known to impersonate police officers and create fake accounts.  Sometimes in his fits of mental instability he forgets to switch accounts and uses his same troll account to pretend that he’s a buddy of his (see image below).  That is why I assumed this Liz Block was fake.

Apparently the crazy, old cat-lady calling herself “Suzie Q” is actually a real person and also a convicted felon named Elizabeth Duarte.  Prison name: “Crazy Liz Block.”  She’s a con-artist who operates a used furniture store, appropriately called Crazy Liz’s Office Furniture and she is a vulgar old lady.  She’s been in and out of prison for various crimes – including a recent misdemeanor, but her daddy posted bail for her.  Here is her Yelp business page.  Liz and Lou seem to mostly be posting in the comments section of this video for some reason.

11march2017 - vulgar louis again
Note the last post: DURR, OOPS you forgot to change your account when you were pretending to a buddy of Louis’s!
9mar2017 - liz trannies
“I’m getting a boner just think about it.”  LOL what?  It seems they’re at their breaking point, resorting to childish name calling and typing in all caps.  LOL.


In other news Louis finally gave me a shout-out in this phone call!! Thanks, Lou – Be sure to tell the rest of your cellmates about my wonderful website!!  If you want people to get in touch with me then it is best you give them my contact information.  If these “detectives” are smart, they must have my contact information, right?

Remember this all started with Louis welding a bore obstruction on a Mosin Nagant and him threatening people on YouTube for discussing his crappy gunsmithing business.  I’ve given you many chances to redeem yourself, Louis, but this website is here to stay.  You can keep spray painting the same Glock over and over again and continue posting pictures of it, but your reputation is ruined among the gun community and we will never let you work in the gun industry ever again.

Comments will be open for 18 days before automatically closing.  I won’t be reading them until much later because I have work to do.  Thanks for looking, and stay safe!
11mar2017 - hello scott
Is that all you got – a grainy, 15 year old photograph? You’ve got nothing. Please make that video for me you clown, I need a good laugh.

BONUS VIDEO: Louis Rosenberg stolen valor profile.


Louis Rosenberg trolling YouTube again

Don’t feel like writing up about this jobless loser again, but he’s back on youtube and sustaining himself off his dead father’s money (that he probably suffocated with a pillow).  He seems to be active on this video’s comments section, under the name “Hyena Hunter“.

Also claiming Stolen Valor and saying he was a Marine.  Nothing new.



I can tell you right now, none of this will ever come down.  Every time you mention my name, I will become more empowered and I will double my efforts to expose your lies, stolen valor, and criminal activities.  I’ve told you how you can make me stop this.  I stopped from January to September.  You were well, but now you’re sick again and there’s work to do.

Also, comments section is reviewed by Google Administrators, not by me.  Cursing and racist comments get automatically flagged for deletion by Google and sent to the junk mail which is automatically deleted after five days.  I only log on here once a month so most of them get deleted without me ever seeing them.  But some of them I do see – and all I see are a hateful, angry old valor thief.

God bless America.

Also good for a laugh: OH NOES HES FOUND A GRAINY OLD PHOTO OF ME. It’s bloody game over now!!  I don’t know who those other two good-looking men are though.

Someone impersonating Louis??

Still no news from Louis Rosenberg.  That’s a good thing and hopefully it stays that way.  In other news, there is a troll or some third party trying to interfere with this whole ‘Ed vs Louis’ drama.  Someone named GlockMaster666 is impersonating Louis Rosenberg and harassing Ed.  His Youtube account has already been reported and banned but his Google Plus page is still up.  I honestly don’t believe it’s Louis Rosenberg, though GlockMaster666 does a good job at capturing Louis’s crazy side.  This imposter is typing in all caps and just repeating lines that the real Louis has used in the past.  I don’t know who is doing it, but the best thing you can do is add him to your blocklist on both YouTube and Google Plus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Louis and I still think he is an unstable crackhead who lied about fighting in a war or being in the military.

In other news:  Any damned fool like Louis can be an unlicensed ‘gaurd’ and civilians are getting hurt or killed because of irresponsible people like Louis.

 They carry a gun, often wear a badge and might look like police officers.  But armed security guards, on patrol at all hours throughout the United States, have lax training standards and haphazard oversight.

While a manicurist in California must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed, an armed guard gets authorized after 54 hours, including just 14 hours of firearms training.

Louis Rosenberg impersonating law enforcement.

So Louis continues to stalk me and claims to be a police officer named ‘johnny walker’.  He’s already impersonated a SEAL, a combat vet, and various other types of commandos, but now he’s straight up breaking the law by impersonating law enforcement.  He also claims he has my information and that I should contact him.  He also claims that the following phone numbers (561)-904-8294 and (561)-248-9474 belong to him.  The first number actually belongs to a person named Maynard Bellish, the latter belongs to Gabriel J. Carino Jr, a detective.

I know Johnny Walker is Louis Rosenberg because he sent out messages through google plus to at least three other people where he states that his own computer “is in police evidence”, as shown here and the screenshot below.

Johnny Walker: “my computer is in police evidence”

Next he explicitly states that he’s “not Rosenberg,” without anyone even accusing him yet.  He already previously claimed to have my information, then claimed he’s getting my information.  If he has my information, why do I need to even call?  Send me a text, phonecall, or email already!

‘remove all this shit,or not.’  Okay, I choose not.

Finally, it’s clearly obvious that from the poor grammar and spelling that this is Louis Rosenberg.  Joining the police force requires a basic highschool or equivalent education.  Rosenberg does not meet this requirement.  I only bothered correcting half of it before giving up.  I gave him a plus for effort.

Back to the short bus, Louis!
Louis is now a frog! Ribbit, ribbit!