Louis Rosenberg trolling YouTube again

Don’t feel like writing up about this jobless loser again, but he’s back on youtube and sustaining himself off his dead father’s money (that he probably suffocated with a pillow).  He seems to be active on this video’s comments section, under the name “Hyena Hunter“.

Also claiming Stolen Valor and saying he was a Marine.  Nothing new.



I can tell you right now, none of this will ever come down.  Every time you mention my name, I will become more empowered and I will double my efforts to expose your lies, stolen valor, and criminal activities.  I’ve told you how you can make me stop this.  I stopped from January to September.  You were well, but now you’re sick again and there’s work to do.

Also, comments section is reviewed by Google Administrators, not by me.  Cursing and racist comments get automatically flagged for deletion by Google and sent to the junk mail which is automatically deleted after five days.  I only log on here once a month so most of them get deleted without me ever seeing them.  But some of them I do see – and all I see are a hateful, angry old valor thief.

God bless America.

Also good for a laugh: OH NOES HES FOUND A GRAINY OLD PHOTO OF ME. It’s bloody game over now!!  I don’t know who those other two good-looking men are though.

Louis Rosenberg: Stolen Valor, Part II

So far Louis Rosenberg has claimed multiple times to be a Navy seal, a cop, a blackbelt martial arts instructor, a certified Duracoater, an “Enforcement Officer”, and an emergency medical technician.  All of these are lies.  Even more times he claimed to be in the Israeli army.  But there is a lot of inconsistency in these claims.  Just see this timeline for yourself.

Timeline of Events (according to Louis Rosenberg himself)

1966: Brooklyn, New York – April 24, Date of birth.
1982-1983: Massachusetts – Posts pictures of himself in Becket, MA.
1983: Lebanon – Claims he was injured and also posed for picture in a costume wielding a Browning .50 cal.
1984: New York – Graduated High School (presumably – though his inability to compose basic sentences calls this into question).  Though he did mention he went to highschool in NewYork.
1984: Lebanon – Allegedly was in Lebanon again.
1985: Massachusetts –  Received Firearm Owner’s ID
1985: Israel – Allegedly in Israel again.  Appears to be taken same date as the 1983 picture.
1986-1987: Israel – Allegedly in Israel again.  Same picture from 1983.
1989: Israel – Allegedly moved to Tel Aviv.

There’s a lot of inconsistency here.  This guy claims to have been in the Middle East in 1983, watched minefields for 8 months, and was injured that year.  According to the Israeli Defense Force website, training can take anywhere from 1-7 months.  School would have ended in May or June – April at the extreme earliest.  Then, somehow, he travelled back to the US and found time to study and graduate in 1984 after missing a whole junior year of highschool education.  Then he went back to Israel.  Then he got his FOID in the US in 1985.

While it is possible that he could have mis-remembered the dates and that he could have graduated highschool in 1984, then went to the Middle East after that and got his FOID in absentia, it still doesn’t add up.  Who actually forgets how old they were when they went through a life-changing event such as going to bootcamp or visiting a home country or getting shot at?  A liar, that’s who.

Louis Rosenberg is a pathological liar – see part one of “Stolen Valor” here.  Here are some screenshots of supporting evidence of his inconsistency.

States he was 17.  Which would be 1983


Same picture 1986 or 1987?  Or 1983?
…Or was it 1985?
The same picture again.  “8 months watching minefields.”


Louis publicizing his FOID.
Picture from same photoshoot, this time claiming 1984.

Massachusetts 1983, presumably summer or fall.