Elizabeth Duarte and Louis

Louis is known to impersonate police officers and create fake accounts.  Sometimes in his fits of mental instability he forgets to switch accounts and uses his same troll account to pretend that he’s a buddy of his (see image below).  That is why I assumed this Liz Block was fake.

Apparently the crazy, old cat-lady calling herself “Suzie Q” is actually a real person and also a convicted felon named Elizabeth Duarte.  Prison name: “Crazy Liz Block.”  She’s a con-artist who operates a used furniture store, appropriately called Crazy Liz’s Office Furniture and she is a vulgar old lady.  She’s been in and out of prison for various crimes – including a recent misdemeanor, but her daddy posted bail for her.  Here is her Yelp business page.  Liz and Lou seem to mostly be posting in the comments section of this video for some reason.

11march2017 - vulgar louis again
Note the last post: DURR, OOPS you forgot to change your account when you were pretending to a buddy of Louis’s!
9mar2017 - liz trannies
“I’m getting a boner just think about it.”  LOL what?  It seems they’re at their breaking point, resorting to childish name calling and typing in all caps.  LOL.


In other news Louis finally gave me a shout-out in this phone call!! Thanks, Lou – Be sure to tell the rest of your cellmates about my wonderful website!!  If you want people to get in touch with me then it is best you give them my contact information.  If these “detectives” are smart, they must have my contact information, right?

Remember this all started with Louis welding a bore obstruction on a Mosin Nagant and him threatening people on YouTube for discussing his crappy gunsmithing business.  I’ve given you many chances to redeem yourself, Louis, but this website is here to stay.  You can keep spray painting the same Glock over and over again and continue posting pictures of it, but your reputation is ruined among the gun community and we will never let you work in the gun industry ever again.

Comments will be open for 18 days before automatically closing.  I won’t be reading them until much later because I have work to do.  Thanks for looking, and stay safe!
11mar2017 - hello scott
Is that all you got – a grainy, 15 year old photograph? You’ve got nothing. Please make that video for me you clown, I need a good laugh.

BONUS VIDEO: Louis Rosenberg stolen valor profile.


3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Duarte and Louis”

  1. Louis the creeper has scammed rippedoff & ruined many people’s life’s Ed is just Louis’s favorite cause Ed is physically disabled but Ed had the brain to start to finish that mosin project included everything so we all know then Louis tried to refute the video of his own botched work & thievery then says ‘if you dont like this story I’ll male up a new one’ I saw Eds charges Louis Rosenberg PBSO buddies forwarded a felony criminal complaint to the ATF after they tried hitting Ed with aggravated battery which he didn’t do shit but take a beating. The charges on a dart possession of illegal NFA item it’s the rifle that Lewis stole from end-2012 it came back and it came back full auto duracoated grey with skulls lets just guess who signatures is that who likes duracoating guns with skulls and play with full automatic guns illegally Rosenberg so it is getting stuck with the bill because the way they’re going about it is physically disabled severe fibromyalgia and seizures then he has a anxiety disorder from bad childhood public record sorry Ed. So let’s tally this up on how they’re attacking it physical Sable mentally disabled has to take medication to live so let’s say he’s mentally disabled and that he’s a drug addict twist everything around and then make him take a plea deal cuz he’s not going to survive in prison from his medical conditions without medication it’s discrimination defamation of character and overall disarming a disabled individual. The Sheriff’s Office should have sided with Ed but what Louis Rosenberg they’re getting something out of it class 3 guns, drugs, money, https://youtu.be/gA4gO9V7ZM8


  2. A quick heads up, it’s “Duarte,” not “Duerte.” Furthermore, the female ass is claiming to have been dumped by Louis. It’s a shame, he was a fake soldier and fake LEO, she was a fake detective, a match made in heaven, or maybe hell? lol


  3. I am Elizabeth block Duarte ready to set the record straight.too much has been said about me that’s so untrue I dumped Louis to begin with he never dumped me and the reason for $5,440 is he stole from my daughter’s wedding money. he disappeared, blocked me but I’m going after him legally. I served him papers and will see him in court on April 20th. being with a man like this after 14 months and not knowing him at all has been a nightmare, a lot of dirt came out of the wash. I was lied to I was deceived by this man and I was a victim of theft by him but I will have my day in court, as far as sticking up for him on YouTube, that’s what a girlfriend does I am no Detective I own an office furniture store by myself in Delray Beach Florida I have zero enemies I hope I clarified up most for you people, sincerely Liz Duarte


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