Louis has gone full mental

This is pretty amusing.  Louis is now going to every single video about him on YouTube and making about 50 posts each.  His new account is Liz Block.  He claims Liz is not Louis but he accidentally posted as Hyena Hunter on a reply and forgot to delete it.  (update: apparently Liz Block is a real person: convicted felon and store owner Elizabeth Duerte) He then claims he has a “Superior Officer.”  You’d have to be in the military to have any sort of superior officer, wouldn’t you?  Of course Louis isn’t and never was part of any real military or police force.  You can find the video RIGHT HERE but also pretty much any of the videos on FL45’s account has Louis stalking like a madman.

Claims is not Louis.  Uses the odd phrase “feeling froggish, then leap” thing again.  Not sure what that means, but he’s used it before.  Ribbit, ribbit!

PS, I took the day off, as you can see.  I had a comfortable and relaxing day.  I’m obviously not worried about this crackhead Louis and his stupid threats.  The SWAT team hasn’t busted my door and the PBSO doesn’t have a file on me.  He’s repeatedly left threatening messages on my phone and harassed me and he knows where I live.  If he ever wants to talk he knows where to find me… That is if he’s man enough.  Still waiting, four years later.


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  1. anyone listening to this idiot. either has no life or has no brain, this idiot has been after Louis for almost 4 years now why no one knows his fabricated stories and runs with it I am Liz block I am a real person and the girlfriends of Louis Rosenberg for almost a year now this man is nothing as this idiot claims he is. I am a grown woman who owns a chain of office furniture stores throughout South Florida I’m a college graduate from the city of New York we use some of the same phrases and terms because we are both from New York so this idiot who tries to put one and one together couldn’t come up with 2 if he tried so to all you people that are reading this believe half of what you see and a third of what you hear mr. Rosenberg is a good man who would not hurt a flyand just like anyone else don’t poke the bear

    MY REPLY: Hello Liz Block, Lizblock24@yahoo.com ! I don’t know you but I’m going to approve this message because I know you’re probably a liar also and I want a chance to refute your claims. Louis has been harassing me, Ed, matt, Briars, NeverEnuffAmmo, and several other people in the gun community since 2012 and there are voice recordings, video, audio, and photographs to prove it. Everything on this website is true and I have been backing it up with photographs and screenshots and other forms of evidence. Louis Rosenberg is a terrible piece of human trash and is a racist, bigoted and homophobe who lies and brags about serving abroad. I have been in contact with PBSO and they inform me that I cannot speak on the ongoing investigation on Louis.

    I’ve tried to let this all go, but Louis continues to call and harass me and my family. I promised him I would stop updating this blog if he will stop harassing everyone, but he won’t stop. I have no control over the other youtubers, their videos, but Louis keeps coming back to me making ridiculous claims that I’m the one behind it. Let me know if he ever wants to stop harassing me.

    Also real college graduates know how to spell and use proper punctuation.


  2. Liz Block aka Elizabeth Duarte has been sending me death threats. She claims she is a detective yet PBSO says there is no Detective Elizabeth Duarte employed my them or any other county organization in Florida nor is there registered private detective by that name in Florida or New York. This Elizabeth Block aka Elizabeth Duarte has been confirmed as the voice of “Suzie Q” who has been stalking and harassing Ed on the telephone. This person is a criminal whose criminal records in Palm Beach County are available as public information.
    May God bless the victims of Louis Rosenberg and Elizabeth Duarte.


  3. I am a college graduate so you can stick your last comment up your ass. Edwin is in jail as I’m sure you know and it’s not because he did nothing wrong Louis is not in jail that’s because he has done nothing wrong you guys need to stop this Lynch Mob over this man funny how you know where he is but he can’t find any of you I am not a detective never said I wasyou guys just keep trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and it comes out all wrong why don’t you guys go find your life and live it stop posting garbage on this man the past is the past he has opened a new location under a new name and is doing well. I’m sorry if he hurt you and your family. let’s all move on and no more derogatory statements happy holidays to everybody and let’s start 2017 as a new year I sincerely mean that thank you


  4. P.S. one more thing please don’t ever call me a liar I’m a straight shooter I don’t care whose feelings I could hurt


  5. I am a college graduate trying to insult me only underestimate your intelligence I apologize for any harm that Louis has done to your family and your friends all started out because of one jerk off that wasn’t happy with the way louis did his gun understandably. this is all water under the bridge it’s now 2017 next month that’s all have happy holidays and move onI appreciate you writing back but I don’t appreciate your sarcasm I am not a detective nor have I ever claimed that I am that was that stupid Allen trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together but never could I am also not this Susie Q personwe’re all trying to move forward even louis open the new shop under a different name and is doing very well I hope all of you can let this go and move on thank you Happy New Year


  6. Liz Block AKA Elizabeth Duarte is a LIAR. She HAS claimed to be a detective and I have proof. Sorry you miserable slag, but I took a screenshot of your claim as a detective and of your “superior officer.”
    I also have screenshots of your threats of violence against me.
    PS, I know more than you think I do, it’s funny how your “friends” gave up all the info.
    Expect more soon you “Divine” lady. 😉


  7. Hello again Elizabeth Block / Duarte. Louis already claimed he’s out of the gun business, so either you or Louis is a liar. I’m going with both. You come here making more lies and trying to muddy the waters. Don’t lie to me and tell me you’re not a liar. You clearly are a liar and your fake comments on YouTube demonstrate this. I don’t know how you think you can explain your way out of this. You are a liar and that is that. This is a website for honest, civil people, who want to expose the truth of stalker Louis.

    And WHAT were you arrested for? Thieving and destruction of property? What a lovely woman you are. I can see the crack addiction in your eyes. Real classy. Tell me more about Louis’s “other girlfriends” as you called them, he must really be a ladies man. Are they as old and decrepit as you are, or are you the best of the bunch? Either way that’s not something I would be bragging about. Does Louis use his police connections to browse jailcells and pick up other fat, ugly, old, mentally-ill cat-ladies from the PBSO jail?

    Also learn how to use periods – your entire post was just one long run-on sentence that was barely intelligible. Which college were you kicked out of, exactly?


  8. Let there be no question of the violent words and death threats of the criminal Elizabeth Block / Duarte aka “Crazy Liz.”
    Why she and her man-toddler boyfriend think that being mentally ill is a good thing, especially with Louis and his high-capacity military and class III weapons, gas grenades and ballistic vests is a mystery to me.
    Here she threatens to take my life in her role as fake detective. Never for a second let her “let’s all just enjoy the holidays” gladhanding fool you, she is a bi-polar mentally ill psycho just like her boyfriend Louis Rosenberg.


  9. if you were real men,you d let the community know who you are.but you don’t,scammers,computer hackers,cowards with,no balls,usually do this.we all know Edwin is gone,forever.but the comments about me,not being in Israel,your very wrong.your comments on me being a marine,a seal, a police officer,also very wrong.you people took videos,hacked into them,and changed wordings around,screen capped all kinds of vial shit,hacked is the keyword,here.you should be in jail,scott earl schuenmeyer,hyenas69,freadomlover45.id you weren’t all faggot cowards,why no visits.and why do you not put your real names and phone numbers,as we should speak.it took 4 yrs for Edwin to be federally charged,he lasted 3 weeks in lock up.too bad for him,but anyone believing that im all these things,or not all these things,are just as stupid as you people are.all im going to say,it s all a matter of time.happy thanksgiving. one last thing,what I have noticed are people actually believe your shit.unfuckin real.


  10. This is the last message I will allow from Louis before going on vacation from my gunsmithing business. BlogSpot says your email HRTTACTICAL@aol.com is a known virus/spammer account and keeps blocking it. You’re basically repeating the same bullshit lies you’ve been spewing for the past 4 years. You’re a liar and that is the end of it. You have not responded to ANY of my questions AT ALL. You keep asking for my name and you already know it. You keep asking for my number and you’ve already called it. But the thing is this isn’t even about me – so stop worrying about me. I’ve already told you this and you are already past the point of obsessive stalking. If you don’t have anything new or insightful to say, then you’re just making noise, in which case I have no tolerance for.

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