Louis has gone full mental

This is pretty amusing.  Louis is now going to every single video about him on YouTube and making about 50 posts each.  His new account is Liz Block.  He claims Liz is not Louis but he accidentally posted as Hyena Hunter on a reply and forgot to delete it.  (update: apparently Liz Block is a real person: convicted felon and store owner Elizabeth Duerte) He then claims he has a “Superior Officer.”  You’d have to be in the military to have any sort of superior officer, wouldn’t you?  Of course Louis isn’t and never was part of any real military or police force.  You can find the video RIGHT HERE but also pretty much any of the videos on FL45’s account has Louis stalking like a madman.

Claims is not Louis.  Uses the odd phrase “feeling froggish, then leap” thing again.  Not sure what that means, but he’s used it before.  Ribbit, ribbit!

PS, I took the day off, as you can see.  I had a comfortable and relaxing day.  I’m obviously not worried about this crackhead Louis and his stupid threats.  The SWAT team hasn’t busted my door and the PBSO doesn’t have a file on me.  He’s repeatedly left threatening messages on my phone and harassed me and he knows where I live.  If he ever wants to talk he knows where to find me… That is if he’s man enough.  Still waiting, four years later.