Louis Rosenberg trolling YouTube again

Don’t feel like writing up about this jobless loser again, but he’s back on youtube and sustaining himself off his dead father’s money (that he probably suffocated with a pillow).  He seems to be active on this video’s comments section, under the name “Hyena Hunter“.

Also claiming Stolen Valor and saying he was a Marine.  Nothing new.



I can tell you right now, none of this will ever come down.  Every time you mention my name, I will become more empowered and I will double my efforts to expose your lies, stolen valor, and criminal activities.  I’ve told you how you can make me stop this.  I stopped from January to September.  You were well, but now you’re sick again and there’s work to do.

Also, comments section is reviewed by Google Administrators, not by me.  Cursing and racist comments get automatically flagged for deletion by Google and sent to the junk mail which is automatically deleted after five days.  I only log on here once a month so most of them get deleted without me ever seeing them.  But some of them I do see – and all I see are a hateful, angry old valor thief.

God bless America.

Also good for a laugh: OH NOES HES FOUND A GRAINY OLD PHOTO OF ME. It’s bloody game over now!!  I don’t know who those other two good-looking men are though.

One thought on “Louis Rosenberg trolling YouTube again”

  1. He’s now pretending to be a police detective again. His new fake detective name is ‘Liz Block.’ I can’t believe this guy is actually retarded enough to think anyone will believe there’s a police detective trolling on his behalf and making threats of violence and trying to pick a fight.
    Is this drugged manchild the next Omar Mateen? He fits the psychological profile of notorious Pulse Nightclub mass murderer Omar Mateen.
    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Or in this situation, an unstable, heavily-armed psychotic nutjob in body armor and driving around Florida with an AK looking for trouble.
    May God bless his future victims if Florida’s Attorney General doesn’t get his weapons in time.


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