New Video + Louis sleeping on the job

Louis has been in hiding for the past year, so it’s been quiet, and there hasn’t been anything new.  His facebook friends inform me he is still talking about opening a gun business, but I doubt he can recover from all the negative complaints against him. Here’s another customer who was ripped off by crazy Louis Rosenberg AKA Blackdevil Firearms.

Also, Susan sent me this amusing Facebook post of Louis bragging about sleeping on the job.

18aug2016 - sleeping on the job

I work in the blackness. Im called the GHOST, csuse i go places, in very high risk areas, that others are afraid of. I use the darkness to my advantage.

Translation:  I work the nightshift so I can sleep on the job.  My co-workers call me ghost because I’m never around when they need me.  Everyone else is too embarrassed to work as a mall security guard.

18aug2016 - louis after a nap - 13901439_10209281316043776_1065653003575417415_n
Louis Rosenberg after being caught napping in the parking lot during mall patrol duty.

4 thoughts on “New Video + Louis sleeping on the job”

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  2. Wonder why comments are closed, as for sheriffs dept. edwin threatened to kill his family, yeah the police took him to jail then took his guns, and stupid ass, went and got another from what im reading on here. Anybody who believes this shit, has got to be as stupid as edwin crawford, and this hyenas69. Like i said. Whats your real name, where do you live. Asshole


  3. hello,

    I believe in the first amendment and I allow all comments. Your recent comments have been racist, bigoted and threatening and were filtered by Google. I have no control over those, but thank you for watching my blog, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I called the sheriff and they have nothing on Ed, so I don’t even know why you keep trying to pin your life’s failures on Ed. Leave Ed alone. Your father Charles is very disappointed in you and he died knowing you were a failure. Please turn your life around and try to give back to the community.


  4. Louis Rosenberg, in this case using the incredibly childish nick of “tigertail500,” is currently being monitored by the FBI and ATF for numerous reports of stalking and harassment. His psychological profile matches that of mass murderer security guard, Omar Mateen. He has been amassing a cache of smoke and gas grenades, silenced weapons, ballistic vests and thousands of rounds of ammo. It is only a matter of time before this human time bomb goes off and murders hundreds of innocent people. He has publicly stated that he is carrying these very dangerous weapons in his car on a regular basis, hoping someone will confront him in a traffic situation.
    If you see this person, avoid at all costs, he is the next Omar Mateen. God bless his future victims if the ATF and FBI don’t get him in time.


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