More Louis Rosenberg Threats

This is pretty funny.  Five years later, Louis Rosenberg is still stalking people, parking outside people’s houses, and pointing lasers at people’s windows in the middle of the night.  I guess ever since Louis was fired from Delta Tactical and living off his dead father’s inheritance money (that he presumably murdered) he must have a lot of freetime.  He is also creating fake Youtube accounts and harassing people.  As an added bonus he called me a faggot Eskimo even though I live in Florida.

4jan2016 - angry louis
Anyone actually take you up on that offer? Nope.

Louis Smith – Fake account owned by Louis
Big Bad Wolf S – Primary Google plus account owned by Louis


2 thoughts on “More Louis Rosenberg Threats”

  1. I think the sheriff’s department about to put him in Oakwood. He keeps sending the sheriff’s department out to my house after making in station complaints false reports basically saying stuff like what he’s been doing but that I’m doing it to him such as he said that I’m outside his house driving my moms car with a rifle with laser attached to it pointing it out at his house in the middle of the night. Couple things 1 I don’t know how to drive 2 my mom would never let me drive her car she doesn’t even want me in her car because we get messed with whenever im the passenger and 3 I don’t ever leave the house I’m approaching 300 pounds. Walking 10 feet and standing for more than a minute hurts so bad dear God levels of pain.


  2. If I had the money I would just move! even though I’ve lived here in this house for over 25 years my name is on the mortgage I would leave it to mom pray to God that she can pay the bills byherself without mr helping and just move away from the stalker just move away from the entire area perhaps to the west coast or movr to Texas its been 5 years my health is declining so much so quickly I used to have 2 jobs i used weigh 180 pounds in 2012 I was stable with my disabilities health problems I was socially active basically normal. Right now it’s January 2016 I’m approaching 300 pounds my health is degraded severe levels blood clots hypertension tachycardia events I haven’t worked in 3 to 4 years even if I wanted to I am physically unable. since the stalker is not going to go away if I had money I would just move I’ve done my research lawyers don’t want to do anything because it cost too much and there would be nothing out of it for them. and I’ve done enough research to see most people that have a stalker move and then if the stalker continues and moves to the new location it would be case closed of act of standing one’s ground in fear for one’s life. Since you’ve been gone for 5 years anybody has a way to help me get money to move Kickstarter or whatever means I would highly appreciate that.


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