16December – Threat and more drugs

I almost forgot about this blog the whole month of November, that was until Louis started texting threats again.  He just doesn’t know when to quit.  Here is more proof of Louis’s cocaine addiction and another threat directed at me.  I don’t even weigh 300 lbs and I scored an excellent on my Physical Fitness Test, thank you very much!

16dec2015 - louis fairy dust

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5 thoughts on “16December – Threat and more drugs”

  1. Look, bro: I have you blocked on google, youtube, and facebook. Why are you still trying to contact me? YOU are the one following me to my personal website and commenting. YOU are the one harassing me. I’m just speaking the truth. This is legal in America. You don’t like it? Then go back to whatever shithole country you come from.

    If you’re not afraid, come to my booth at the next gunshow, you spineless keyboard commando.


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