More December threats

I hope everyone had a good holiday week!  More racist threats Louis, nothing to see here!

Louis just revealed himself (again) to be a racist in addition to being misogynist and bigot.  He’s created several new email accounts for the sole purpose of harassing people online.  These include, and

22dec2015 - louis spam fest 2
This guy has issues.


22dec2015 - louis spam fest 1
I asked him this question numerous times and he has yet to respond. Instead, he replies with childish name calling and bigoted remarks.


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16December – Threat and more drugs

I almost forgot about this blog the whole month of November, that was until Louis started texting threats again.  He just doesn’t know when to quit.  Here is more proof of Louis’s cocaine addiction and another threat directed at me.  I don’t even weigh 300 lbs and I scored an excellent on my Physical Fitness Test, thank you very much!

16dec2015 - louis fairy dust

Oh, John Paul “JP” Soucy liked this post!

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Louis’s Anti-Cop crusade

Louis likes to pretend he’s buddy-buddy with the police and that he has friends in high places in the police department.  He’ll even threaten to have people “SWAT’d” on the internet if he doesn’t like them.  He likes to take selfies of himself in police outfits (along with wearing soldier’s uniforms).  The real truth is the REAL police want nothing to do with this bipolar, keyboard commando.  He claims he supports police but then continues to post anti-police hatred on his Facebook page and google plus page.

He’s just mad he failed out of Police Academy
Yes, that really is four D-Cell maglights rigged to an AR.  Is Louis Rosenberg the original Gecko45?

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