My proposition to Louis the drug addict

My direct message to my friend Louis Rosenberg:  Why are you so curious about who I am?  I live near the Loxahatchee area and I go to school.  I help my uncle with his gun shop on occasion.  That’s all you need to know about me.  My identity is neither important nor relevant.  Why do you need my name?  What will you do, go to my house and make a citizen’s arrest for speaking out the truth?  Force me to shut this blog down at gunpoint?  Did the first amendment disappear while I was asleep?  You can threaten me all you want, but these blogs will never disappear.  This is a permanent record and testament of your insanity and scams against the gun community and I will continue to copy this blog as many times as it takes.

You started all this by harassing Ed.  Only YOU can end this.  So here is my proposition: If you disappear from YouTube and Google Plus and I will stop updating this blog.  Oh, it will still stay on the internet, I will just stop updating it – but only if you delete your Google and YouTube accounts.  That is my offer.  Take it or leave it.

Oh, and one more thing, Louis: Stop sending me messages and posing as law enforcement.  On top of that, you used YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, you moron!

09262015 - louis on drugs
His new email address is and

In other news.  Louis is a shroom and marijuana abuser.  Here are some facebook screenshots of Louis talking about recreational drug use and trying to play it off as support for medical drug use.  He has no reason for medical marijuana, so I don’t know why he supports it so much.  He also has hinted at shroom usage, which would explain how he fried his brain and became ineligible for military or police service.

Special thank you to Susan S. for taking these screenshots for me since I don’t use facebook.

sept 19, 2014 - louis on drug use - Copy
He’s so intent on medical marijuana.
14jan2015 - louis wants some weed 2
He’s clueless
14jan2015 - louis wants some weed 3
Why is this psycho so intent on Marijuana legalization?
23feb2015 - pot butter
Tommy Chong is not helping your case
26feb2009 - history of drugs
Louis admitting heavy drug usage
april 11, 2014 - off my meds, manic
What medication would that be???
sept 26 2015 - drugs
He has experience with shrooms.



5 thoughts on “My proposition to Louis the drug addict”

  1. Whats your infatuation with all this with mental edwin. As for me threatening you, i only respond to what i see and read you cant prove i did anything to eds gun, he did it. Two, why are police going to his home, only. Third, i gave my computer to sheriff detectives twice now, each time came back in 4 days, and clean,also this has gone above the first amendment. The constant analyzing my life which thee information there is very correct. You will never find out my situation in israel . Its all on my passport from way back, and when did i ever say im a sesl or marine or police officer. Trust me if i wanted i wouldve been already retired by now. I have no interest in law enforcement, maybe FWC would interest me, but cut off age is 38. But my question to you is why are you harrassing me by so called updating these accounts, and blogs your posting, using my name. Ed will be in smsll claims soon, and he will be ordered as i too will be, to give our computers to LEO- S. Why you and a few others font mind your own business, ill never should stop while your still able.


  2. I’m not impersonating you. I only post as Hyenas69. You made an 18 minute video about how you accepted his gun and how you welded over it. It’s all permanent record on YouTube. I don’t feel like linking to it everytime you try to deny it, but FreadomLover45 has a copy of all the videos of you admitting to fucking up Ed’s rifle and impersonating SEALS and MARINES and Israeli soldiers.

    My offer still stands. I have nothing more to discuss with you. I will allow you to make this post, but any further posts from you will continue to be deleted.


  3. fuck you and your first and second amendment.i do what I want,when I want.i control me,nobody feel froggish,then have my address.but be very careful what you wish for


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