Hello all.  I just wanted mention that I locked comments for now because Rosenberg and his friend (Henry Lane, which is probably a made-up name used by his criminal friend to avoid getting caught violating terms of parole) keep flooding the comments like the trolls they are and I keep getting notifications in my email about it and it’s annoying.

My only Google Plus account is “Hyenas_69.”  Anything else said by anyone else is beyond my control.  I don’t lie or “fabricate” anything on this blog and I back my statements with screenshots, pictures, scanned documents, and video.  I just wanted to thank everyone for putting the heat on Louis.  I don’t want to mention names on here just in case his corrupt police friends might be listening (which I doubt, but just to be safe).

Louis replying to himself on July 20.

Here is Louis Rosenberg defending Palm Beach Sheriffs Office by saying they are not corrupt. Next, he claims they are idiots and incompetent.  What does b-th even mean?

Louis Rosenberg’s insane wall of rants.

And here is Louis Rosenberg’s wall.  I think this speaks for itself.  Notice him talking to himself, and calling someone a “fag”.  So not only does he hate poor people, blacks, and Hispanics, he also is a blatant homophobe.  Also notice how he threatens to cut people up like a pig and gets defensive when someone talks about how his father was murdered.

Is this Louis fishing for information by impersonating cops?
Racist hillbilly, Randy is probably Henry Lane

One of Louis’s friends.  Probably the same guy who is stalking me on google plus, named Henry Lane.  He is also a cracked out, racist hillbilly friend of Lou’s. I dunno, maybe the NeoNazi party are accepting membership from Jewish people now.

Nice guy Louis

Also, Louis lost his FFL over three years ago.  Rumor has it that it was due to “misplacing” weapons inventory

He illegally ceracoated weapons without a license!
Also, Louis lost his FFL over three years ago.  Rumor has it that it was due to “misplacing” weapons inventory and selling guns to kids/convicted felons.  Since then he has been accepting weapons from customers, which is illegal to do without a license.  He even admits this and only stopped doing firearms jobs in July 2015.
That’s all for now.  I’m on my lunch break and this is cutting into my studying time.  I will have more information + screenshots on Louis admitting to abusing prescription drugs and uncontrolled substances soon.
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Louis claims to be a EMT, Marine, SEAL, COP, Soldier, et c…

This is a response to Louis trolling and harassing people on Google Plus again.  He invited me over to his house in one post, then hours later told me to stay away from his house.  First this guy acts tough and wants to fight me and now he’s afraid.  I don’t know what this bipolar nutjob wants.  Why do you keep telling me to stay away from your family?  I don’t have beef with them and never had anything to do with them.  I’m pretty sure your wife wants nothing to do with you, however.

This guy wants more.

Louis asks me how do I explain the uniform and m1919?  The answer is simple: you can buy the uniform from surplus stores or from ebay.  Over at www.1919a4.com law-abiding citizens build semi-auto m1919s all the time.  And Louis said that he’s a class 3 firearms owner, so it’s possible he could have bought a real 1919a4 using his dead father’s inheritance money (his primary source of income).  So see, anyone can buy an Israeli soldier costume and pose with a fake machinegun (or a real machinegun).

Anyways, Louis claims he was an Emergency Medical Technician/medic.  He’s never served in the army, so he couldn’t have been a medic.  Here is one of Louis’s close friends, Johnpaul Soucy, another mallcop friend of Lou’s who had never seen a day of basic training in his life.  Here they talk about a foot injury and Louis chimes in with his 2 cents (read about 3/4 the way down to see his stupid comment).

Louis: I was an EMT… in my mind.

He states “I’m an EMT just didn’t do Medic school.”  Seriously?  If you didn’t get certified then you are NOT an EMT!  I don’t care if you attended some bullshit first aid course in the boyscouts or some crazy militia group, that doesn’t make you an EMT.  This is one of several incidents he’s claimed to be an EMT.  In one of Louis’s videos about harassing ZombieMasterEd25’s doctor, he mentions he was an EMT.  If you go to the National Registry of EMT you’ll see that Louis had never gone to an accredited EMT school.  I have to wonder if Louis even knows what an EMT is.

Why does this clown have so much shit attached to his gun? Not even SEALs have anything that ridiculous.
Why do you keep putting SEALs on your facebook banner?  You’re not a SEAL, not a soldier, not a cop, not an EMT, not a certified duracoater, not ANYTHING.
Note the unauthorized use of Marine Corps Logo.

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Louis’s prior history of rip-offs

This is old, but it should be brought to light to show what kind of scammer Louis Rosenberg really is.  This is a list of badchecks by a dog-training school that Louis wrote a bad check to (more than once) and Louis even used his father’s name (Charles H. Rosenberg of New York).

Update: It’s gone.  He must have paid it off with his dad’s inheritance fund all these years later, but here’s the screenshots and scan.louis rosenberg bad check 2louis rosenberg bad check 1.png


Also I added an “about” panel on the side of this blog to summarize Louis Rosenberg’s ripoff scams to newcomers who are just stumbling onto this site.

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