Someone impersonating Louis??

Still no news from Louis Rosenberg.  That’s a good thing and hopefully it stays that way.  In other news, there is a troll or some third party trying to interfere with this whole ‘Ed vs Louis’ drama.  Someone named GlockMaster666 is impersonating Louis Rosenberg and harassing Ed.  His Youtube account has already been reported and banned but his Google Plus page is still up.  I honestly don’t believe it’s Louis Rosenberg, though GlockMaster666 does a good job at capturing Louis’s crazy side.  This imposter is typing in all caps and just repeating lines that the real Louis has used in the past.  I don’t know who is doing it, but the best thing you can do is add him to your blocklist on both YouTube and Google Plus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Louis and I still think he is an unstable crackhead who lied about fighting in a war or being in the military.

In other news:  Any damned fool like Louis can be an unlicensed ‘gaurd’ and civilians are getting hurt or killed because of irresponsible people like Louis.

 They carry a gun, often wear a badge and might look like police officers.  But armed security guards, on patrol at all hours throughout the United States, have lax training standards and haphazard oversight.

While a manicurist in California must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed, an armed guard gets authorized after 54 hours, including just 14 hours of firearms training.

8 thoughts on “Someone impersonating Louis??”

  1. this entire thing is like a vendetta against one person.why?who is this Louis person,and the other,ed guy.ive tried reading and looking at videos.
    one guy looks like a crazyman living at home with his parents,and the other looks like a semi normal guy that has been ganged up on by trolls.whats the story,here.


  2. he faked his military service. he never talks about details and he calls real military veterans phonies and claims to be a seal/sniper/marine/highrisk operator. i had to deal with this guy several times at the local gunshow and even had to kick him off our range for being a complete retard back when I was working as range safety for the summer.


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