Louis Rosenberg impersonating law enforcement.

So Louis continues to stalk me and claims to be a police officer named ‘johnny walker’.  He’s already impersonated a SEAL, a combat vet, and various other types of commandos, but now he’s straight up breaking the law by impersonating law enforcement.  He also claims he has my information and that I should contact him.  He also claims that the following phone numbers (561)-904-8294 and (561)-248-9474 belong to him.  The first number actually belongs to a person named Maynard Bellish, the latter belongs to Gabriel J. Carino Jr, a detective.

I know Johnny Walker is Louis Rosenberg because he sent out messages through google plus to at least three other people where he states that his own computer “is in police evidence”, as shown here and the screenshot below.

Johnny Walker: “my computer is in police evidence”

Next he explicitly states that he’s “not Rosenberg,” without anyone even accusing him yet.  He already previously claimed to have my information, then claimed he’s getting my information.  If he has my information, why do I need to even call?  Send me a text, phonecall, or email already!

‘remove all this shit,or not.’  Okay, I choose not.

Finally, it’s clearly obvious that from the poor grammar and spelling that this is Louis Rosenberg.  Joining the police force requires a basic highschool or equivalent education.  Rosenberg does not meet this requirement.  I only bothered correcting half of it before giving up.  I gave him a plus for effort.

Back to the short bus, Louis!
Louis is now a frog! Ribbit, ribbit!


Louis trolling again and advocating rape culture

Nothing new in the world of Louis Rosenberg.  He’s still the same psychopathic, depraved manchild whose living off his retired parents fortune and pretending to play SWAT commando.  Rumor has it he was fired from Delta Tactical a few months ago after the managers saw his videos and mindless rants, though no one has been able to confirm this.

I honestly stopped caring.  I have a life and a job and a family to look after.  I pretty much left this blog for dead, but he came back posting threats of violence behind a computer like a coward.  Louis, if you’re reading this, (which you most likely are since you don’t have a fulltime job and nothing better to do) if you ever had the balls to face me you would get your ass beat.  Anyways, more screenshots (names have been blurred to protect innocent):

Louis threatening me with violence and invoking Detective Corino again.

Louis thinks rape is funny.
“Female mate like me”? What does that even mean?

New Phone Number: 561-904-8294 ?  I wonder who that is.

It’s interesting about that new phone number.  A quick google search leads to a person named Maynard Bellish who lived in Mores Rd, West Palm Beach, Florida as of 2013.  I’m not sure why he’d be impersonating someone named Maynard Bellish.